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IT Consultancy UK - Spain - Portugal - The Americas

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IT Expertise across the globe

Pace Professional Services Ltd can help you to deliver your applications and infrastructure in complex, demanding environments. When you hire Pace, you are gaining expertise critical to the success of UK led projects that require  leadership and management of staff/suppliers in Spain or the Americas.

Pace has a track record of delivery to satisfied clients in retail, banking, logistics, pharmaceuticals and Government sectors.

Whether you need full lifecycle application management, infrastructure rollout, network development,  bi-lingual training teams or technical language services you can rely on our people to get the job done.

Maybe you're not quite sure yet what the solution to your problem looks like ? A Pace consultant with years of multinational senior IT management experience can help you evaluate the options in an independent way. Independence helps you to focus on the business needs and provides you with an ability to explore structural change in the least threatening way to your staff.