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About us.

Pace Professional Services Ltd is a small, niche consultancy that was started in 2002 to meet the needs of clients requiring a bespoke set of services delivered to the highest of standards and with the greatest flexibility..

Pace has enjoyed delivering to the highest standards in the pharmaceutical, medical,  retail, banking  and telecommunications sectors

Several projects have been undertaken for the benefit of UK clients who had interests in Spanish speaking countries and who needed help to manage either their staff, specific projects, suppliers or at times all three.

The demand for international services has done nothing but expand and with its connections and ability to bring in language skills Pace continues to act as the small business that can help big business when needs arise. Through a network of partnerships,  Pace can provide several different kinds of solutions, for example, application training programmes requiring bilingual contract staff; or large scale infrastructure refresh such as desktop swapouts, POS replacement etc. You will find a full description of services here.